Wireless is validating identity

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Specifically, we have implemented various policies and measures to ensure that our interactions are with you or those you authorize to interact with us on your behalf – and not with others pretending to be you or claiming a right to access your information.

To establish such a password, we will initially send a one-time, randomly-generated PIN to you by SMS text and require you to respond by providing the PIN to our representative.When You Access Account Information Directly From Your Mobile Device T-Mobile is also dedicated to providing our customers easy account access through their mobile device(s).The verification procedures we utilize in these instances vary, depending on numerous factors.Once again, we can provide non-account-specific information (e.g., troubleshooting or information about our product and service offerings) without account verification.But, with the exception of pre-paid accounts – which utilize a PIN for authentication – photo-identification is required for all other account access in our stores.

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With the exception of T-Mobile Puerto Rico, T-Mobile’s policy is generally not to disclose call detail information (i.e., specific information about the calls you’ve made or received) over the telephone in response to customer-initiated telephone contacts, even if the account has otherwise been verified.

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