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Check that there are at least 7 players (11 players for Mythic! If you checked 1-4 AND characters progression in is up-to-date and Wo WProgress still not updating, please send us email to admin[at] My runs for BRH and Neltharion's Lair last night have updated, but not Lower Karazhan or Maw of Souls from 2 days ago.

No idea, but yeah wowprogress is wonky and not updating.

As far as I can tell there isn't a forum for that site so figured I'd ask here.

So, really he gave a non-answer which is typical of Blizzard.Is each person tied to only 1 server, even though achievements/pets are account wide?What keeps someone from using their characters on other servers to rank?Looks like it picks a main based on highest equipped item level (unless maybe if they've registered at the site?), and only puts that character in the rankings - I have characters on a couple places and they're identified as my alts, but they don't show up on their servers' lists.

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