Yanick dating profiles

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Yanick dating profiles

A more complete listing of conferences related to volcanism in general can be found at If you are organising a meeting which includes a session on LIPs or any aspect of large volume magmatism, please contact Matthew Minifie at [email protected] Richard Ernst at Richard. A selected number of contributed papers will be scheduled for oral presentations and the other contributions will be put up as posters. Date: Monday, March 24, 2008 — Friday, March 28, 2008 Location: Austria Center Vienna, Vienna, Austria Web: Includes the following sessions: Session GMPV27 Large Igneous Provinces and their impact on life and environment Convenors: S. Chenet ([email protected]) Evidence of synchronism between the formation of many large igneous provinces (LIPs) emplacement and major rapid environmental and biotic crises has led us to consider a causal relationship between these events.

The EAR could be the product of outflow from one or more lower mantle plumes.

This session will be an opportunity to discuss current models pertaining to subcontinental mantle flow fields in relation to intraplate basalt genesis. Ernst ([email protected]) Because of great depth and lateral extent, mafic dyke swarms provide the most complete record of short-lived, mantle-generated magmatic events through time and space.

Date: Wednesday, August 6, 2008 — Thursday, August 14, 2008 Location: Oslo, Norway Web: Includes the following sessions: Session MPI-04 Mafic dyke swarms: a global perspective Convenors: R. Our increasing ability to date mafic dyke rocks precisely has greatly enhanced their importance as high-resolution markers in time.

They are much smaller in size than classical plumes 2. They appear to originate in the Transition Zone (410-660 km depth) The existence of these small-scale plume structures suggests that there might exist a number of different classes of mantle plumes, originating from different depths within the mantle (e.g. So far such structures have only been postulated to exist beneath the European continent (e.g.

the Massif Central, the Eifel and possibly the Bohemian Massif), but it is highly likely that similar structures exist beneath other continents.

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Session GMPV30 Geochronology of igneous processes Convenors: F. Renne ([email protected]) Single crystal Ar/Ar dating and ion microprobe U-Th/Pb multiple age determination in a single crystal show that magma residence times may vary from a few thousand years to more than several hundred thousands of years.

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