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The 2015 National Youth Risk Behavior Survey [2.77MB,180Pages, 508] found that nearly 12% of high school females reported physical violence and nearly 16% reported sexual violence from a dating partner in the 12 months* before they were surveyed. As teens develop emotionally, they are heavily influenced by experiences in their relationships.For high school males, more than 7% reported physical violence and about 5% reported sexual violence from a dating partner. Healthy relationship behaviors can have a positive effect on a teen’s emotional development.When to start dating.: How old should one be before going out on a date?Most parents think their children should be a certain age before starting to date.Some changes may happen so fast that the teen is ill-prepared to handle - Age difference of have are of ok, but one year difference should be avoided.Interracial dating: Can I date a girl of a different culture or tribe?Dating violence can be prevented when teens, families, organizations, and communities work together to implement effective prevention strategies.DATING AND YOUTHSObjectives of the message• Help youths know what dating is,• Explore the dangers of dating,• Know how parents can help,• Resolve to have a purpose before dating.

Though age is important, the crucial thing is whether he/she is spiritually are emotionally mature enough to handle the many decisions and dangers of dating- Age of maturity differs. ¨ Are they dating for friendship instead of Romance?However, these behaviors can become abusive and develop into more serious forms of violence.Teen dating violence [187KB, 2Pages, 508] is defined as the physical, sexual, psychological, or emotional aggression within a dating relationship, including stalking.They are concerned about who is making it out with whom.Though youth spend much time talking and thinking about dating very few of them are ready or prepared for the tress and choices that dating present.

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